Welcome to Sobola Home Care Service, INC

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Welcome to Sobola Home Care Service, INC

We are your convinent and affordable alternative to traditional nursing homes.

Sobola are highly trained and certified nurses, home health aides, and homemakers are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectation in caring for your loved ones.

YES. This program is ONLY for Medicaid recipients, without exception. Medicare is not enough. If you don’t have Medicaid but think you may be eligible, call 1.800.515.46.40 now to reach a partner vendor who can help you get Medicaid.

Call 1.800.515.4640 now to reach a partner vendor who is committed to helping you get Medicaid. If all the intake reps are tied up, leave a voicemail and you’ll get a callback shortly.

An agency caregiver is hired and employed by a home care agency. A CDPAP caregiver is hired by the patient themselves and they are generally a family member or friend of the patient.

Don't have a family member/friend who can care for you? Prefer to hire an aide through our home care agency, we can help you too: call us now at 1.800.515.4640.

If you need help with activities of daily living — like shopping, cleaning, bathing, and grooming — there’s a good chance you’re eligible. A Medicaid nurse and/or a nurse from your plan will visit you at home to determine (a) if you’re eligible and (b) how many weekly hours of care you can get.

No. Anybody that needs care can qualify.